Welcome to Case of Consumption

Let me just start out by saying this: if you’re looking for tuberculosis information, this isn’t the spot. It’s true that I have a case of consumption but it runs a little more toward the avid trial and consumption of all things beauty and fashion. Yep, I’m a product and trend junkie. With that being said, welcome to Case of Consumption!

I started this blog eons ago, then left it just hanging out in the ethos. There are so many product review and fashion blogs out there. I figured I would just be noise. Then when I found out I was pregnant in October, I decided it might be time to ramp up my work on Case of Consumption. Of course this won’t be a pregnancy fashion blog forever. I mean–gosh–I hope this kid decides to come out eventually. Between now and late June 2013, you can expect to see my favorite (and not so favorite products), as well as fashion that can work for the bump-endowed (hey, better than knocked up, don’t you think?) and for non-pregnant types alike.

Once again, welcome to my little piece of the ‘net.


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