Currently Loving: Urban Decay Oz the Great and Powerful Glinda Kit

oz pkgI have been a The Wizard of Oz movie fan practically since conception. Way back before VCRs and DVDs, I can remember eagerly anticipating the return of The Wizard of Oz to CBS during the months of March or April (prime tornado season in Missouri). Even reading L. Frank Baum’s original Oz series didn’t help. I loved the cinematic flair of MGM’s take on the story. Years later, I fell in love with Wicked and the novels that followed. And now Disney is bringing yet another take on the world of Oz. Of course there will be marketing and licensed products for this (does Disney do it any other way?), but I’m kinda stoked about it all.

Just this week, Urban Decay launched their licensed Oz the Great and Powerful palettes–one in ethereal tones called Glinda and one in earthly tones called Theodora. Both retail for $49 and contain limited edition shades. Given my porcelain skin and light hair, I thought Glinda would be the perfect kit (although I bet Theodora winds up in my beauty stash, too). The crummy thing about being so fair is that eye shadows often don’t translate well. The depth that can show up on darker-toned skin just doesn’t seem to look as interesting when you’re pasty like I am. Even despite all that, though, I really think there’s some nice payoff with this kit. You’ll see the swatches below, but there’s a slight holographic quality to most of the colors. What I love most is that the colors are buildable and not overly glittery. I also adore the lip crayon (top, near my wrist, out of the swatches below). The color is just a great nude tone.

oz swatch
Arm Swatches Top to bottom: Glinda Gloss, Tornado, Aura (white/blue shade first, white/pink shade second), Magic, Illusion, Oz (golden shade first, silver shade second), South

oz open kit

Palette Swatches Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Tornado, Aura, Magic, Illusion, Oz and South. Liner: Rockstar. Lip Gloss Pencil: Glinda

Both kits come with duo-tone shadows. For the Glinda kit, these both fall in the center, as you can see above. The top, Aura, contains an iridescent white tone that shifts a bit toward blue and one that shifts toward a pinkish-red look. Oz, located center on the bottom row, has a golden tone with gold glitter and a silver tone with silver glitter. Both are wearable–no chunks of glitter falling down into your lashes.

I think the Glinda palette is an absolute winner, and as I said earlier, I’m sure I’ll cave for Theodora in the coming days.