Tracy Anderson’s Pregnancy Project: A Review

I don’t feel like I’m one of those types who looks good during pregnancy. I tend to look chubby rather than pregnant, which just makes me self conscious. With my first pregnancy, I was hyper-aware of any weight gain to the point that I gain only the bare minimum, yet I still looked pudgy until about the eighth month. This time around, I’ve been gaining some right from the very start. The result is that I still don’t look pregnant, just doughy. Given how important fitness is during pregnancy and how badly I don’t want to have 30 or 40 pounds to shed post-pregnancy, I decided to find a good exercise regimen this time around. Gwyneth Paltrow practically has my dream body, so I immediately went looking for exercise videos by her personal trainer, Tracy Anderson.

To my happy surprise, Tracy Anderson did release her prenatal fitness system, The Pregnancy Project, just last October. The downside is that it’s really hard to find. After scouring the web, I finally found it via As part of a Mama Mio special edition, The 9 Month Stretch Kit contains the entire Pregnancy Project 9-disc DVD set as well as a trio of trial-sized skin products (Tummy Rub Butter, Boob Tube chest and breast skin firming cream, and Lucky Legs cream). I will absolutely review the skincare samples later, but for now, let me just talk about how much I already love the Pregnancy Project system.

tracy anderson bundle photos 002

The 9 Month Stretch Kit by Tracy Anderson, $75,

The Pregnancy Project contains nine discs, one for each month of pregnancy. Tracy focuses upon strength and flexibility especially in the arms, back, legs, and butt. She also incorporates range of motion exercises that indirectly (and safely) work you abs. Let me tell you, too, that it kicked my butt the first few days. Throughout the videos, Tracy explains how subtle positions will work certain muscle groups more intensely and boy do they. You have the option of hearing Tracy’s voice and music or just music. In my opinion, she isn’t annoying to listen to in the least. The music is soothing and enjoyable. Oh, and she’s pregnant in this video series, too, which means you hear her huffing and puffing as sequences get tough. For that, I give major props. Solidarity, sister!

tracy anderson bundle photos 003

Pregnancy Project DVD set

Given that I was 15 weeks when the system came via UPS, I chose to begin with the Month 3 DVD. It utilized two three-pound hand weights, a dining chair, and a hand towel for resistance. After two days with that, I decided to go back to Month 2 DVD just for variation. This one utilized the dining chair more heavily and worked the arms a bit more. I absolutely saw (and felt) results after the first five days. I even saw my oblique lines just a tiny bit (hooray!).

The only downside that I see to this set is that the same DVD for four weeks may get a little old and repetitious. Depending upon how my body responds to this pregnancy, I can foresee going back and forth between months as long as it feels safe and comfortable.

As I’m beginning my second week using the system (and ending my 16th pregnancy week), I have to give the kit 5 out of 5 stars. I wish I could have waited until March when releases the DVD system for around $30 but the $75 I spent on The 9 Month Stretch Kit seems to be well worth the money to me at this point.