Current Cravings and Indulgences: iPad Mini and other Shopping Finds

ipad mini

I’m officially one of “those” moms that people on Facebook bemoan. I bought myself an iPad mini this week solely because I’m tired of sharing my first gen iPad with my 4-year-old. Yep, that’s right. My pre-schooler now has her very own iPad. I’ve made up other excuses, like that I needed an update with a camera and that I needed something smaller and that it’ll be easier to take to the hospital in June. Really, though, it’s all because I’m not good at sharing. Pfft.

So all that being said, I love it! I chose the white 16 GB wi-fi style. I just need to buy my case from Pencil Shavings Studio, my absolute go-to for tech cases, and I’ll be set.

As you can tell from the picture, I also did a little more shopping over the past few weeks. The necklace is the J. Crew Fan Fringe. A splurge, yes, but I’ve been wearing it non-stop with everything from t-shirts to dresses. If you can catch it on sale (like I did), I would totally recommend the necklace. You really don’t need anything else accessory-wise when you are wearing this eye-catching bauble.

As for the sandals and Revlon lippie…$20 at Target. I really love the whole tribal motif that has been popular for the past few seasons. For around $15, the sandals were a no-brainer, especially since they have a pancake heel. One word of warning: the fit of the sandals in this Target collection is craa-zy. I had to try on 3 pairs of the same size in this style to get one narrow enough. In other colorways of the same collection, I never found a good fit despite several tries. I recommend buying in the store since it may take a few tries. Oh, and the lip crayon is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey. These are cheap, moisturizing, and practically foolproof.

Maternity Outfit of the Day: Styling Asos Maternity Track Pants

Sport and athletic-inspired looks have been so big for the past few seasons. I didn’t really gravitate toward the look pre-pregnancy, but then I saw these studded track pants from Asos. Over the top? A bit, maybe. Comfortable? Yes. Easy to style? Well, I thought they would be, yet I’ve had a really hard time with them. No matter what I’ve paired the pants with, nothing has felt natural and easy. We’re having a cool, rainy Texas day today, so I made it my mission to wear the darned pants that have been pining to see the light of day for a couple of months.

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