That’s a Wrap: The Isabella Oliver Maternity Wrap Tee

Several weeks ago, the sample/flash sale site Zulily featured Isabella Oliver styles at some excellent prices. Earlier in my pregnancy, I ordered an Isabella Oliver maternity t-shirt that I’ve worn constantly, so I jumped on this wrap top. After a lengthy wait (like over a month), it finally showed up last week. By and large, the reviews for all Isabella Oliver wrap tops are great. That being said, there is a faction (sounds so evil, huh?) of women who complained there was a huge learning curve. I can see how the top can be intimidating. Basically it is like a 3/4 sleeve vest with ties longer than I am tall…and I’m pretty tall. Like some surreal type of origami, you wrap and knot the whole shebang into a tee that should cover with a body conscious fit.

wrap 001

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Outfit of the Day: Global Bohemian Maternity Style

irving and fine jacket 008

Take a good look, friends. What you are seeing here is true love. I fall for things on a daily basis (shoes, bags, clothes), but I rarely find myself head over heels smitten by anything. This Irving & Fine for Lucky Brand jacket was my downfall. I first saw it in People StyleWatch last month. When it finally launched on their site, it sold out in a matter of 24 hours. I finally tracked it down at Lucky (Austin’s Barton Creek Mall) and picked it up Tuesday. It’s all beaded and sequined and embroidered (sigh). I know it’s kind of trendy this season with all the attention to global looks, but I have a feeling it’ll stay in my closet for years. It just makes me happy. How I gravitate toward both rocker-esque and bohemian aesthetics at the same time will never make sense to me but I guess that’s what personal style is all about. Again, not really maternity style but it works for everyone as you can tell by my growing bump.  Continue reading

Heavy Metal Mama (to Be)

destroyed denim maternity 007

I love destructed jeans. There. I said it. To say that I’m glad they’re back is an understatement. Maybe it’s my coming of age during the era of Hair Bands. Who knows? I’ll readily admit that this look isn’t for everyone, and it’s especially not your stereotypical maternity look. And that’s why I love it. It’s me–pregnant or not.  Continue reading

Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Review Part I

During my first pregnancy, I got through the first two trimesters with my pre-pregnancy jeans, pants, and skirts paired with Bellabands from Ingrid & Isabel. I loved them, so why I never thought to look at the company’s other maternity styles is completely beyond me. This time around, I’ve been a major Ingrid & Isabel devotee…like three orders in three weeks devotee. I’ve largely been guessing the sizes I needed because I’ve found very few Ingrid & Isabel reviews out there. Honestly, I think it may be hard to go wrong with their sizing for the most part. It’s often forgiving. Nevertheless, I thought it might be helpful to review the products I’ve purchased. It may help one of you when the time comes. I’m also going to break this up into several posts.  Continue reading

Maternity Stylemint (?)

After being a member of Jewelmint for nearly two years, I finally–finally–gave Stylemint a try. Let me be clear: there’s nothing maternity in the Stylemint brand. I just like to complicate my life by buying without trying for my growing midsection. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Jewelmint and Stylemint (along with several other “mints”) are part of BeachMint, a subscription-style monthly fashion, accessory, and beauty club. In the case of Jewelmint and Stylemint, nearly everything is $29.99.

After carefully looking at the size chart, I pegged myself on the border of a 2 or 3 pre-pregnancy (they use numeric sizing ranging from 1 to 4 and fit sizes 2/4 up to 14/16). Given that I’m already showing, I chose to size up one size based upon the look of each tee. That meant that for the loose, billowy Moore T, I went with a size 3 and for the more body conscious Nora T, I chose a size 4. And then I waited…about 2 weeks…for my prizes to arrive.

My tees showed up via USPS on Saturday, and while only one fit, I was more than satisfied with the quality and style. In fact, I have every intention of buying more while pregnant and after the baby is born. The weight of each was great–perfectly drapey. I used a coupon code that was floating around the ‘net and wound up only paying $30 for both tees.

Moore T
This was the one that didn’t fit. As you can see in the picture, it practically hangs off me. True, it’s supposed to be loose and flowy but I could’ve fit at least another 1/2 of my pregnant self into it. I had every intention of exchanging this for a size 2, yet it was sold out in both colors by the time I got through to customer service this morning. I absolutely will stalk the Stylemint site, waiting for new stock or returns. The shirt was just luxurious on.

Stylemint Moore T, size 3

Stylemint Moore T, size 3

stylemint 002

Stylemint Moore T

Nora T
Can I just say that pictures don’t do this top justice. The slight iridescence on the sleeve is really subtle but lovely. Gold and silver are so big for spring, I know I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of this. As you can see, it’s a bit big but nothing a “mullet tuck” won’t take care of (tucked in the front, loose in the back). Right now, I could have worn the size 3 but I’m glad I went up to the 4 just for bump growing room. I’ll admit that I look a little square in it from the front but I guess that’s to be expected when you’re 16 weeks and looking fat more than pregnant. This style is on sale at the moment for $15. Once I’ve washed it, I may go back and get the size 3 for post-pregnancy. Yes, I like it that much.

stylemint 013

Stylemint Nora T, size 4

stylemint 014

Stylemint Nora T