Current Cravings: Cork Footbed Sandals

So let’s just get this out of the way. Ugly shoes. I’m craving ugly shoes. Now let’s move on, shall we? Mmmkay. Last fall while caring for a new baby and chasing after Zoey (’nuff said), I did catch bits and pieces of fashion week. I sat there shaking my head at the Birkenstocks that went down the runway not because I was thinking “ohhellno” but because I knew I was going to cave on them when spring rolled around. (I know my strange ‘want’ proclivities, if nothing else.) True to my prognostication, I’m officially craving cork footbed sandals.

Now before you bounce right off the page (you’re still here, right?), I have some rules. To keep the look edgy and not crunchy, they absolutely have to be black, white, or metallic, and since I don’t do white shoes personally, they have to be black or silver. The easy and inexpensive route has to be the Birkenstock Gizeh sandals. They really are classics that can be worn outside of the ugly shoes cork footbed sandals trend. That being said, just look at those Rebecca Minkoff Tristen sandals.

What do you think? Are they like Cabbage Patch Kids (so ugly they’re cute)? Or are you laying off this trend?

cork footbed sandalsLeft to right:
Rebecca Minkoff Tristen, $225 at
Birkenstock Gizeh, $90 at
Coach Sunny Sandal, $148 at