The Conscious Closet Challenge: An Update

Just to get new readers up to speed: I began the Conscious Closet Challenge sponsored by midweek last week. I pared down to what I would’ve once called a minimalist closet last year but I’m ready to edit down even more. You can read more about it in my initial article here.

As I write, I have a huge stack of clothes to donate. I feel like this is a really great time to be working through my thoughts and feelings about clothing–and possessions–in general. This challenge didn’t exactly start this process but it was my incentive to actually sit down and create a list of Dos and Don’ts to follow. I think this topic will spin off in a number of directions but I wanted to just create a simple update of some things I’ve learned.  Continue reading

New year, new focus: a capsule wardrobe?

When I began this blog about a year ago, my goal was to test, try, and review all the products that cross my path. The “Case of Consumption” name comes from my love of things…make-up, clothing, shoes. Since having my second baby back in June, and since my husband received orders to Italy (where homes are much smaller than my Texas abode), I’ve been re-thinking the amount of stuff in my closets. Let’s be clear about two positive points: (1) I’m not the type to shop myself into debt and (2) I’m far from hoarder status. I’m just kind of over the rush of adding quantity to my home.

So the question becomes this: is a capsule wardrobe my answer? Honestly, I don’t think so. In case you haven’t been hipped to the term, a capsule wardrobe is a bare-bones collection of clothing articles that can be mixed and matched. Some who have moved to a capsule wardrobe are strict, limiting themselves to 10 items. Others are a bit more lax, focusing on creating a smaller, more neutral wardrobe with accessories to pop their ensembles a bit. I’m a collector, so the idea of ditching several of my favorite pieces just so I can boast a 10-item closet makes absolutely no sense at all.

Still, do I really need 150 pairs of shoes? Do I really need 20 pairs of jeans? Is a pair of 5-inch platform wedges smart since I’m chasing a 5-year-old and 6-month-old? The answer is probably no. So here’s where I’m embarking on a new focus for my blog. This year–preferably before we leave the boundaries of the U.S.–I’m going to re-think my needs and pare down my closet. As of now, January 4, I’ve already purged 20 pairs of shoes, my entire maternity wardrobe, and a slew of accessories that have gone unused for several years. Now I’m down to the hard stuff. What do I use? What will I use? What makes sense for me to own? These are the types of questions I’ll tackle.

What about you? How are you feeling about the number of items in your closet? Have you pared down to a capsule wardrobe? I would love to know. Visit me on my Facebook page and let’s chat!