Nursing mom style: the DKNY Cozy Sweater

nursing mom styleIf you follow my writing on, you’ve probably recognized that nursing tops annoy me. Although they may be very convenient for extricating a boob, they also rarely come with a cut and style that fits a normal, non-pregnant body. Losing baby weight is hard but no one carries a full-term bump around for months and months after baby is born. Long story short: I’ve been continually on the hunt for nursing-friendly non-nursing clothing to complete my fabulous (or so I say) nursing mom style. One of my absolute favorites is the DKNY Cozy Sweater

Before you click through and see the $175 price tag, let me do some explaining. Yes, I do think one would be worth full price, but I rarely pay full price for such expensive items. I hunted and finally found them for $49 at a DKNY outlet in Round Rock, TX. For $49, you can easily afford one or two. I’m not sure whether the outlets ship, but it would be worth checking (their number is (512) 869-8044).

The beauty of the Cozy is its versatility. It’s basically a lightweight open-front cardigan with long wings that can be wrapped, draped, tied, woven…you name it. There are so many options, DKNY has its own Cozy app for Android and Apple products, plus YouTube videos. And, for those of us trying to create a chic nursing mom style out of it, you can go rogue and drape it off-label (kidding) to create a nursing cover.

I wore my Cozy during our recent trip to Venice, Italy. You can see in the first photo that I chose to wrap it around to the side to create a more body conscious look for most of the day. When Harper fell asleep at lunch, I chose to untie it (I was still wearing it) and use it as a blanket and a bit of a cover to keep the noise and light out of her face. Finally, on the train when Baby H became hungry and cranky, I untied it once again and draped it to cover all the nursing that was about to ensue. Boom…nursing mom style.

Another plus: I made a pretty convincing Italian while wearing it. I’m not sure if I looked chicly Italian or just really confident (we’ll go with chicly Italian, yeah), but twice I was stopped by tourists looking for advice on the area. It was pretty humorous when I said “I’m American and only speak English.”

Final word: if you’re nursing–and even if you aren’t–the DKNY Cozy is a must-have in my book. For the deets on the rest of my outfit (I was wearing my favorite Sam Edelman sandals), see the information and links below.

venice 213

Sweater: DKNY Long Sleeve Cozy, Tank: SkinnyTees, Jeans: Madewell Skinny Skinny Zip Jeans, Shoes: Sam Edelman Ginger (I seriously recommend these. I wear them non-stop and replace every single time they wear out.)

venice 221DKNY Cozy

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