They’re Here…Hello Kitty Baby Swaddling Blankets from Aden + Anais

hk boxhk in cribSo, I learned something interesting about myself last week. I actually like Hello Kitty. This comes as a complete surprise to me because I really never wanted anything from Sanrio as a kid, I’ve never really loved pink, and I certainly don’t have anything (correction: didn’t have anything) Hello Kitty as an adult. Then my favorite brand for baby linens, Aden+Anais, launched their limited edition Hello Kitty collection. I do think the entire collection is sweet but these muslin swaddling blankets are just too cute to resist. Baby Harper’s set came just this morning.

Adorable prints and colors aside, the Aden+Anais muslin and bamboo products are going to be perfect for my summer baby. I may be a new Texan but it’s already clear to me that this state is hot…like volcano hot. Of course that means we run air conditioners constantly 3/4 of the year. Light layering is going to be key for keeping this baby comfortable whether we’re out in the heat or in a cold building. I’m already fully stocked on Aden+Anais swaddling blankets because I just think they’ll be my best bet for all conditions. And, frankly, I think I may wind up using the Pyara Swaddles myself as casual scarves and wraps after we’re finished with baby stuff. They’re just that chic.

2 thoughts on “They’re Here…Hello Kitty Baby Swaddling Blankets from Aden + Anais

  1. I was just curious, if you aren’t using the Hello Kitty swaddles anymore, would you want to sell one of them?

    • Hi, Sara! We’re actually still using them often. Unfortunately, too, one got caught between the car seat and the base and developed a hole. That made me feel a little sick given that they’re discontinued.

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