Our First Weekend in Italy

garden 2 We’re here! We touched down in Venice, Italy on Thursday. The baby’s car seat didn’t work in the plane’s seat, so I had to hold Harper the entire trip. I did try to sleep but was too afraid she would fall out of my arms, so I stayed up about 36 hours. I know I was talking and moving Thursday, but nothing was intelligible or coordinated. Given my inability to sleep on planes in the past, this was kind of expected.

Friday or Saturday night (I forget which night I did sleep–Harper didn’t sleep one of those nights), I had my first good REM sleep, which yielded a pretty funny dream. In the dream, I was driving and felt a weird sensation in my mouth. A tooth fell out. I remember saying (in the dream), “O.k. Well, I knew this was going to happen. I’ll be okay.” The next morning, I looked up the meaning of tooth loss dreams. Basically, they tend to occur when we’re under stress from a major upheaval in our lives. Uh, yeah. The fact that I was mentally prepared for that loss tells me that my Type-A, high-strung self did a good job of preparing for this adventure.

So…on with the good stuff, right? What’s it like? Well, I haven’t seen much. We went out to Camisano on Saturday night for dinner with new friends and to Rettorgole for a BBQ last night with another set of new friends. During both short trips, we did get to see a bit of the area. I wouldn’t be able to find my way around by myself but can at least mentally put together where all these towns are located that we see on the Off-Post Housing site. The rest of our time has been spent in-processing and combing the housing site. (Seriously, you haven’t had fun until you’ve taken two small kids to an ACS briefing by yourself at 9 a.m.)

With a few more days under our belt, maybe we’ll be able to get out into Vicenza…maybe have a real Italian meal or some gelato or something. I have had some great wines. The red that is pictured below was amazing. I also had a Moscato wine from Italy’s version of Wal-Mart. I’m not a sweet wine fan, yet I could have sucked this stuff through a straw all day long. For less than 10 Euros per bottle, I may just do that.

I think I’m going to like it here. Not having a handle on the Italian language needs to remedied a.s.a.p., but once I can converse, it should be easier. They don’t have Diet Coke (Coke Light is my only option), but they do have chocolate chips. Once I whip up that first batch of chocolate chip cookies in my kitchen, I think it will all feel just right.


The amazing Italian vista from our hotel window (looks like a prison, huh?!)

The amazing Italian vista from our hotel window (looks like a prison, huh?!)

Seriously, one of the best red wines I've had.

Seriously, one of the best red wines I’ve had.