Black, White, Blue…and a curling iron mishap

Let’s just get the hair out of the way before we begin, shall we? I think my stylist is very talented when it comes to cuts but styling? Not so much this time. This was supposed to be loose, beachy waves. In hindsight, I should’ve known to stop her when she pulled out the 1-inch curling iron but, well, I kept my mouth shut. I know, I know. The 90s called and they want my hair back. 

Hair aside, I was feeling nautical (or maybe jailbird) this morning but somehow the traditional colors just didn’t appeal. I stopped by the new H&M in Austin a few weeks ago. They had oodles of slightly edgy nautical in stock. When I saw this top, I knew it would be the perfect second trimester tee. And it was perfect today. The top is slightly sheer so I opted to add a black Skinnytees tank top underneath. (Skinnytees…I adore these!) The jeans, also from H&M, are nice because they really don’t look maternity. The V-shaped waistband looks perfectly normal for the most part. And since I’m tired of black on black on black, I went with an old pair of Jessica Simpson wedges in blue. I had no idea how versatile royal could be when I bought them!

I’ll admit that I’m feeling a bit frumpy these days. I have a feeling that I’ll move away from loose, flowing tops soon. Once I have a credible baby bump (rather than this weird “did she gain 10 pounds or is that just an unflattering top?” look), I’ll move on to sleeker styles that are more me.

Top: H&M (similar), Tank: Skinnytees Basic Tank in Black, Jeans: H&M Maternity, Shoes: Jessica Simpson wedges (similar from Ann Taylor)

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