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My name is Courtney–freelance writer, fashion and beauty fan, yoga lover working on a 200 RYT program, Aperol Spritz-maker extraordinaire. Before Zoey and Harper, I worked for Brown Shoe, the company behind shoes.com, Fergie Shoes, Via Spiga, Naturalizer, Sam Edelman, and many more. It was an absolute blast waking up each morning and going into my office to write about fashion footwear. Unfortunately, it can be really hard maintaining your own (lesser-paying) career when you’re spouse’s (better-paying) career requires frequent moves, which is why I eventually had to leave.That’s when I began my freelance writing life, writing boring-but-important SEO webpages, penning company and lifestyle blogs, and heading social media teams for small businesses.

Despite the fact that I’ve stayed busy, I miss doing what I love: writing about fashion. That’s why I started Case of Consumption. Like all things, however, the blog evolved. Somewhere along the way, we became a family of jetsetters, too, so more often than not, you’ll read tips, tricks, and anecdotes about our latest family adventures.

Just because I think honesty is the best policy, I want readers to be aware that I do link through ShopStyle. This means that I get a few pennies (5 cents, to be exact) whenever you click a link on the clothing and shoes on fashion-related posts. I’ve earned a whopping $6.25 in the last 3 years and they won’t cut a check until I hit $100 (I’m glad no one needs an operation or anything vital on that paycheck.) Although I have accepted samples and free product from time to time, I don’t accept pay for positive reviews. I also tell it like it is…no lying or fudging if I receive an item to review.

Thank you for visiting. I truly appreciate every visit and every comment. Along the way, I hope I can inspire or inform in some useful way.

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