A Minimalist Wardrobe: The Conscious Closet Challenge

conscious closet challenge

One year ago, a major move from Texas to Italy forced me to create a minimalist wardrobe. The final tally included donating and/or selling nearly 60 pairs of shoes and about 90% of my clothing. Since moving into our Italian home (no closets…gasp), I’ve come to the realization that I needed to get rid of much more. The makeshift wardrobes and racks are full. Earlier in the week, Grechen from grechenscloset.com–one of my longtime favorite blogs–announced a Conscious Wardrobe Challenge. Grechen is very focused upon building a minimalist wardrobe with U.S.-made pieces. Living in the land of Italian fashion, buying American is nice but not a goal for the next couple of years. That being said, I would like to be a little more informed about where my clothing, shoes, and accessories originate. One thing I learned quickly while living here, a “made in Italy” label like we find so often on high-dollar goods in the U.S. doesn’t always mean you are getting a product sourced 100% from Italy. It has been very eye-opening.

So what are my goals? First and foremost, I want to assess what I still love in my current minimalist wardrobe, then donate the rest. From there, I can make some decisions on where holes exist and what needs to be replaced. Do I still need 10 jeans? How many tees will it take to make my life complete? Secondarily, I have been trying to buy quality over quantity. Instead of buying three pairs of boots this past winter, I bought one pair of Prada moto boots. It was the best idea ever. It was a chunk of change up front but wound up costing less than buying boots in volume. I would like to strategize to build a nicer, smaller wardrobe with the rest of my clothing.

I started the challenge a bit late but will update as things progress. If you would like to join Grechen’s challenge, click the Conscious Wardrobe Challenge link above. All the instructions are there.

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